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1-On-1-Coaching with Sanna Haikonen


Through my 1-on-1 coaching service I help you to connect with your true divine nature and spiritual power, so that you can create and live a Life of true meaning, purpose and impact. We can target 1-on-1-coaching on specific area on your Life, or keep it more on overall level to transform your whole state of being and Life.

Online Coaching Programs at Realitybend

Online Coaching Programs

My Online Coaching Programs offer a deep yet inspiring journey of self-discovery and transformation. Through combination of education and coaching these programs help you to create and live a Life of true meaning, purpose and impact. 

Divine Design Coaching Program starts on January!

Only limited seats available. Act quickly!

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Working with Sanna opened up a whole new kind of trust in myself and in my own unique purpose in Life. Sanna’s inspiring positive attitude towards Life and its infinite possibilities helped me to shift many of my old and outdated beliefs into new and fruitful ones. I’m grateful to Sanna for walking the path with me for awhile!

- Iines K.

The way Sanna is able to see the purpose also in the darkness was one of the key guiding principles for me through my journey away from suffering and trauma. Although being a coach myself, the support and wisdom Sanna offered me alchemized a phase of depression in my life much faster to a greater potential. Sanna really is able to see the purpose in everything, and this understanding really is a life-changing factor. THANK YOU SANNA!!!

- Lilja H.

Sanna's powerful presence and enthusiasm for Life has inspired me to also unleash my greatest and wildest potential. Sanna has a deep understanding of life alchemy and she is able to explain in an understandable way how energy and consciousness work and form our physical reality. She has also taught me how to utilize emotions in a constructive way instead of suppressing them. She has been pure dynamite and love on my path of transformation!

- Heidi T.

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Create and live the Life that has been imagined for you by the highest mind of all.

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