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"I help you to connect with your divine nature, so that you can create and live a Life that is driven by your inner being and soul."

- Sanna Haikonen

Spiritual Life Coach and Mentor

Founder of Realitybend

Sanna Haikonen, Spiritual Power Coach, founder of Realitybend

What can I do for you?

Help you to free and heal yourself from fears and limitations that prevent you from creating and living the Life that is natural and desirable for you. 

Help you to gain such trust and faith in yourself and your abilities as well in Life that it allows you to create and live the Life that is natural and desirable for you.

Help you to connect with and surrender to the true desires of your being and soul. There is coded the Life of your greatest fulfillment.

Help you to live in constant communion with the Infinite Divine Intelligence of Life and Existence, and to consciously co-create with it the Divine Design of your Life.

Help you to heal and balance the feminine and masculine energies and principles within with their Life-serving qualities and characteristics. Becoming whole, balanced individual.

Help you to understand, manage and utilize the intelligence and energy of your emotions for your own and Life's benefit. Reach healthy and loving relationship with your emotions.

Help you to manage and utilize your mind with its power for your own and Life's benefit. Reach healthy, loving and creative relationship with your mind. Use your mind and emotions to create the Life you truly want.

Help you to reach healthy, solid and loving relationship with yourself. Help you to improve your self-esteem and ability to recognize your needs and boundaries, and communicate them openly and honestly with love and respect. 

1-On-1-Coaching With Sanna Haikonen

Tailored experience

1:1-coaching can target a specific area on your Life, or it can be about more overall transformation in your whole state of being and Life. The whole coaching experience starts through an application process that is initial assessment of your goals and needs, and if you would be a good fit for the kind of coaching I provide. If this is the case we proceed to discovery call where we get to know each other better and together determine what kind of coaching would suite you and if both of us want to proceed together with that.

"Beginning of the coaching I couldn't be at all certain if I should trust how I thought and felt. Now, I'm more intune to trusting my inner being. My self-esteem and ability to express myself authentically and honestly improved the most with the help of the coaching."

- Robin

“Thank YOU Sanna, I am so pleased at the work we are doing together that you are guiding me along. And your feedback and your recording as we go along is so useful for me to reflect upon. It gives me time and opportunity to sit with these things a lot more. I have no words for how important, beneficial, helpful powerful and life shifting your coaching is. You are the perfect embodiment of help, support and guidance that I need right now.  “

- Yasmin

Apply to coaching

Press the button below to apply to my coaching. Through the application process we will figure out what kind of coaching would best suite you and if you are a fit with the coaching that Sanna offers.

Working with Sanna opened up a whole new kind of trust in myself and in my own unique purpose in Life. Sanna’s inspiring positive attitude towards Life and its infinite possibilities helped me to shift many of my old and outdated beliefs into new and fruitful ones. I’m grateful to Sanna for walking the path with me for awhile!

- Iines K.

The way Sanna is able to see the purpose also in the darkness was one of the key guiding principles for me through my journey away from suffering and trauma. Although being a coach myself, the support and wisdom Sanna offered me alchemized a phase of depression in my life much faster to a greater potential. Sanna really is able to see the purpose in everything, and this understanding really is a life-changing factor. THANK YOU SANNA!!!

- Lilja H.

Sanna's powerful presence and enthusiasm for Life has inspired me to also unleash my greatest and wildest potential. Sanna has a deep understanding of life alchemy and she is able to explain in an understandable way how energy and consciousness work and form our physical reality. She has also taught me how to utilize emotions in a constructive way instead of suppressing them. She has been pure dynamite and love on my path of transformation!

- Heidi T.

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