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"Israeli God" is not the same as the Infinite Divine

Updated: 7 days ago

Are you ready to challenge and let go of your beliefs if they are harming Life? Are you ready to be free?

Not created by
Infinite Divine is unbound by human definitions.

Who invented that God - meaning the Divine source intelligence and energy of ALL Life and existence, throughout its Infinite expressions through-out the cosmos and through all dimensions of existence us humans have no idea about would be “an Israeli God”?

One country on one planet within the Infinity of existence. 

Who invented that? And why?

And who invented, that this Divine source intelligence and energy was “a he”? A male? 

That there is no feminine presence or principle in divinity? That it is a male who alone gives birth to ALL Life and Existence and alone takes care of it?

Speaking of that.. who invented that the Divine behind all Life and existence would consider its creations, its offsprings as faulty and sinful?

Why would it create anything but Divinity out of itself? 

How about, who invented, that this Divine Creator behind ALL Life and Existence would create an eternal place of torture for its creations?

Who invented that and why?

And who invented, that this Divine Creator, who was called as a local male-God of one country in the Middle East, would create only one Divine creation.

It would be a male that was born on one planet in that one Middle Eastern country.

Then this Divine Creator would sacrifice this one Divine Creature through brutal death on a cross because of the sinfulness of his other creations.

After this brutal sacrifice this Divine Creator lifted this one Divine Creation to Heavens where no one can see him, and ever since this has taken place the only way to salvation from the eternal Hell fire is to believe that this Middle Eastern man who allegedly have lived once in a one small planet, in a one small country, is the only possible salvation.

So through-out all eternity, this one dude, or your belief in this one dude, is your only chance of salvation?

Who invented that, and why?

A local male-figure who puts in place impossible, sadistic rules, who uses human-sacrifice, who tortures, who tortures in Hell… 

Who invented and why that such kind of male figure would represent the Divine Infinite Intelligence of ALL Life and Existence?

These kinds of beliefs are insane.

They have zero logic and they manipulate humans to worship a sadistic psychopath as God.

Sounds cloaked Satanism - or in more Earthly terms control mechanism - where the common worshippers don’t even realize what their religion is all about. 

It isn’t the greatest wonder why the state of humanity on our planet is what it is when these kinds of religions have dominated human consciousness for at least a couple of thousand years.

It doesn’t get much better with the scientific tale of some random, cosmic accident.

It really is time to wake up and realize that your mind has been hijacked by belief-systems that are illogical, impossible and insane.

Our lives have been hijacked by these beliefs.

Life on our beloved planet has been hijacked by these beliefs.

Let go of such beliefs and belief-systems! Let go of beliefs that make no sense! Let go of beliefs that put you and Life down and that are cruel!

Let go of beliefs and belief-systems that fail to recognize the sacredness in Life and existence. The divine in Life and existence.

When we let go of such beliefs and recognize the Divinity in Life and existence, in ALL Life and existence… that is when we start to honor and treat it as such.

That is when we let go of the shame and uncomfortableness around our own individual existence.

We are able to honor and embody our own true nature and let our own unique giftedness and light shine through and serve Life accordingly.

That is when we can honor the natural uniqueness of others as well and the natural interconnected, Divine Design of Life and existence can function as brilliantly as it is truly meant to. 

Imagine for a while a world where humans truly honor and treat Life as Divine.

Will there be wars?

Will there be all the atrocities we’ve witnessed and conducted while driven by beliefs that do not acknowledge the Divinity of Life?

Will there be the mental health problems we witness and experience in the world of humans who have programmed and traumatized themselves generation after generation by the insane belief-systems of this world together with all the atrocities done under their influence and the whole mad world created as a reflection of them?

A world that disconnects us from our true nature.

A world that doesn’t consider Life and existence as Divine.

At the end of the day it is so simple to solve the problems in our lives and in this world.

Let go of the belief-systems that are illogical, untrue and cruel, and come back to our true Divine nature.

Writer is Sanna Haikonen, a Spiritual Life Coach and Mentor who is also the founder of Realitybend.


If you want to learn more about the importance of letting go of the beliefs and narratives that are not aligned with our true, divine nature you may want to check out my latest YouTube-video, where I am channeling an important message about nature of reality and the evolution of human-consciousness.

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