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Let go of the deceived ego to enter the paradise of your being

Updated: May 16

We as humans are on our way to being-driven Life. Freedom from the tyranny of deceived and fearful ego. We are on our way back to the paradise of our true divine being.

This journey however isn't always the easiest.

Let go of the deceived ego to enter the paradise

It is not always the easiest task to walk on this path of creating and living what I nowadays call: a being-driven Life, and in this blog-post also paradise 2.0. #spiritualawakening #spiritualpath

It is basically what I also call a divine design of your Life. Individually, and also on a larger scale collectively of humans, humanity and this Earth. #NewEarth

It is the Life that has been imagined and meant for you and for us by the highest of them all. The God or God-Goddess consciousness. The Creator. The love of all Life and existence...

What ever name you want to call the source intelligence and energy of all Life and existence from where all Life and existence constantly springs from and is constantly with great care sustained by.

Calling the way of being and living as it is truly meant by this great source as being-driven Life underlines what it really means for us as human beings.

It means that you surrender with full trust, love and acceptance to the beingness of Life that is you.

It sounds wonderful, because it is.

No living creature, humans included, can ever be truly happy, healthy, fulfilled, blooming and thriving unless they live their Life with full faithfulness to their true beingness and nature.

Their divine beingness and nature.

This is The Paradise humans have thrown themselves out of.

What happened?

Somewhere in the path of human evolution we became lured by the outside world.

So lured that on a conscious level we started to lose our fully immersed, loving and trusting connection with our true, divine source and nature within. The beingness of Life. 

The great beingness and source from where all Life constantly springs from, us included.

We became deceived by our senses and developing ego-mind, and started to believe that the outside world was more real than its beingness and source within, and that it was also separate from this great source completely.

This is the story of humans taking that bite of “the forbidden fruit” from "the tree of knowledge of good and evil" and once that happened they were "thrown" out of the paradise.

This story describes the birth of the ego-mind that then gets lured by and deceived by the outside world and its sudden capabilities to reason on a whole new level.

This led to humans losing their conscious connection with their true divine being and essence and with that their full trust in that.

The deceived and lured ego-mind gets scared.

It thinks it is all alone and separate in this physical environment that feels suddenly very unfamiliar to it, given that its true nature and origins are fully immersed with all that is, with the divine.

So it becomes more and more focused and obsessed with the scary outside world and for its survival it starts to use its evolved capabilities to think and reason and it starts to define and create different kinds of knowledge of good and evil.

Different kinds of knowledge of right and wrong, true and false, working and not working and so forth.

It does this so it could somehow comprehend, manage and control its Life and environment in a way that it would feel safe.

As this step in evolution proceeds, it becomes more and more attached and identified with these definitions. More and more obsessed and lured by the outside world that it is now also managing, altering and building according to them.

It drives us to become more and more of a human-doing than human-being, and on a conscious level it becomes more and more disconnected from its true divine nature and origins that would bring the true experience of safety, love, prosperity and fulfillment that it is craving for. 

The paradise of its own being. 

The paradise that would then once again be able to manifest in the outside world as well. 

Because; as within, so without.

The deceived ego-mind has ever since defined and created a lot of "knowledge of good and evil" (or right and wrong, true and false and so forth) in a form of religions, sciences and other belief-frameworks that it then over-identifies with and obsesses over.

It thinks, feels and drives us to take action, build our families, communities, societies and civilizations according to these dogmas of the deceived ego-mind.

It goes to battles and wars with other egos with different set programming of the “knowledge of good and evil” and in all irony both deceived, frightened and obsessed egos - or groups of them - are claiming they are right and on the side of good, when the other ego - or group of them - is wrong and evil.

Through this the deceived egos have justified most horrific acts against each other, against other divine creatures and Life in general, and this is still continuing in the world today in quite accelerated mode.

On a smaller scale in our everyday lives our deceived egos keep us disconnected and over-identifying to its stories and narratives that are not very often in the best interests of us or Life in general.

They are stories that make the ego feel safe and in control.

The deceived ego-mind is on the other hand very sure that the "knowledge of good and evil" so the beliefs and stories it identifies with are correct and the action or non-action it is taking based on them justified.

On the other hand it fears to death they are not.

Because the thing is that when the deceived and lost ego-mind identifies solely with its own beliefs, stories and programming, together with the outside world and the state of Life and reality it has built and keeps building based on them; it is terrified of someone or something proving them to be wrong.

First of all with the programming the ego-mind has created in this world so far; it associates being or doing wrong with punishment. Terrible kinds of punishments from many parts.

Being eaten by the pack of predators. Being brutally murdered or tortured by other "ego-maniac-humans". Wrath of God. A sentence to eternal hell.

Or then less physically violent punishments that humans have used on each other.

Secondly, if it would become clear that the beliefs, stories and programming the ego-mind has built its whole identity on are not true, this means death to the whole ego-identity, and not only that.

It means death to the way of Life and perhaps a whole community, society or even a civilization that has been built based on the beliefs and programming that the deceived and lost ego-mind has identified with.

So it puts up a fight for its Life.

But this does not mean that we should keep it alive. Not when it is deceived and keeping ourselves, the precious human-beings and all Life on this planet suffocated and disconnected from the paradise.

Next step in our evolution - paradise 2.0

What is happening right now in the world and in humanity, within you too, is that underneath the deceived ego-mind human-beings and human-consciousness is evolving. #HumanEvolution

This evolving is according to the divine will and it is about freeing ourselves from the tyranny of the deceived and fearful ego with its programs and to enter the paradise of our divine beingness of Life and existence.

This is what is happening and will happen, and there is basically nothing that the little, deceived and scared ego-mind can do about it.

At the end of the day the ego is like a little leaf on top of the ocean of our true divine beingness of Life and existence.

However the deceived ego-mind isn't surrendering without some kind of a fight for its Life.

This is what can be seen currently on the world stage.

This is what many of us have experienced and are experiencing in our own personal lives.

But there is nothing the deceived ego can do next to the will of the beingess of all Life and existence that it too is fully integrated and connected with although it is deceiving itself it is not.

Our true, divine beingness has had it with this stage of evolution and it is moving beyond it now and is driving this shift from inside out.

So we can see and experience how the old is crumbling before our eyes as the new is emerging, and we can see and experience the deceived and frightened ego resisting these shifts especially when it is not conscious and aware what is truly going on.

Then especially it is putting up the fight for its Life although what is happening is going to be exactly what the ego in truth wants too.

It too wants to restore the natural and divine balance where it can be fully connected and aware of its divine origins and connection.

All along it wanted to be and feel safe and connected.

So in this next step of human-evolution we are becoming truly conscious human-beings.

Conscious of our own divinity and the divinity of Life and existence.

As this happens us human-beings and other beings of this Earth can live and be in a state of paradise again. 

This time however for humans it will be paradise 2.0.

So we're not losing our far developed ego-mind.

Only its deceived parts and ways.

So it will not be anymore a deceived, frightened, obsessed, and controlling "master-emperor" suffocating Life, but as aware and connected extension of our divine beingness and nature that we utilize as a divinely guided and loving servant of Life. #beingdrivenlife

This is when the ego too will feel the joy, fulfillment, love and safety that it has been all along craving for.

It was never meant for the task it took. A small cup will feel frightened and overwhelmed and it wants to suffocate and control if it thinks it should alone handle a whole ocean.

The individual journey to the paradise 2.0

The journey from this old state of being to the new, from the deceived and controlling ego-mind with its old programs, to the being-driven Life where your ego with its old programs is not running the show anymore isn't the easiest.

It's been for so long certain that its old beliefs and perceptions are valid and it is used to control and navigate the realm of the known outside world according to them. 

It has been the ruler and now it’s called to - step by step - fully surrender to something currently quite unknown and with that scary to it. #surrender #alignment

For so long it has been on a conscious level disconnected from the vast, divine inner beingness of ours,. The vast, divine beingness of all Life and existence.

So as this process proceeds - and there is basically nothing you can do about it - all the fears, beliefs and traumas get activated that has kept you - and basically whole humanity - in this deceived state where we are "thrown out" from the paradise.

And you can be sure that as they get activated it'll feel very uncomfortable because they will do everything in their power trying to lure, scare or punish you back to their ways and “comfort zone”.

They are putting up for a fight for their Life.

So this step in evolution isn't always the easiest task because basically it means to walk through the darkness that has kept you - and the rest of humanity - away from the paradise of our divine being.

Surely there are times of absolute bliss and you’re crying tears of joy as you feel the divine within and you see it in action in your Life.

This is when you absolutely know that you can fully and completely surrender to it and with that your own divine beingness of Life.

This doesn’t however wipe out all the layers of the old programming of the deceived ego-mind and the reality built according to it in one go. 

There are however ways you can ease up this process for you.

For one, it is great to know what is happening. You're not going crazy. There is nothing wrong with you.

Then of course for the ego-mind that is used to work according to its beliefs and programming it eases the process when you feed it with better, more accurate information for example about the nature of Life and existence including its own.

Information that makes better sense to it compared to its current, not aligned paradigms and beliefs.

Overall re-programming your subconscious mind with beliefs that are aligned with your true, divine nature and that fully support you and Life is something that helps and speeds up this process a lot.

Then of course meditation obviously helps a lot, and there are different forms of meditation that serve different kinds of purposes.

Connecting with your breath and your beingness, listening to that, what it wants, what it needs.

It is the best guide on this journey.

However you will need to practice this and form habits of self-reflection and processing of trauma, fears, pain and the different limiting perceptions and beliefs of the old, deceived ego to differentiate true guidance from deceptions of that old ego.

And part of the process is to sometimes get lost again to some old patterns momentarily.

As this happens you are met up with the reality of those disconnected patterns and that is actually what helps you to work through them most effectively.

This then once again brings you much closer to the state of being and Life that you’re truly yearning for.

The paradise of being-driven Life. 


There are obviously a lot more that you can do to help and accelerate this process for you. Some of them that I've used with great success I've already shared through my YouTube-channel, some not yet. The meditation below is one that helps you to connect with the highest timeline of your own Life, and also of humans, humanity and this Earth in general and is highly recommended.

If you want personal 1:1 support and mentoring on your own journey you can apply to have 1:1-coaching with me.

Writer is Sanna Haikonen, a Spiritual Life Coach and Mentor who is also the founder of Realitybend.

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